Vasaikar Group

Vasaikar Group introduce ourselves as an ISO 2008:2015 certified company for manufacturing and supply of Precision Sheet Metal Components, Copper Contacts & Sheet Metal Fabrication with sophisticated Press Machines, CNC machines operated by professional and well-qualified engineers, technicians, CNC programmers and knowledgeable management.

List of Machines

01. CNC Machines

a) CNC Laser Cutting Machine 1kW 01 No.
b) CNC Turret Punching Machine 01 No.
c) NC Press Brake Machine (Bending) 02 Nos.

02. Press Machine

a) Mechanical Power Press – Capacity 3 Ton to 150 Ton 35 No.
b) Hydraulic Press – Capacity 25 Ton to 100 Ton 04 No.
c) Pneumatic Press – Capacity 0.5 Ton 04 Nos.
d) Toggle Press – Capacity 0.1 Ton to 0.5 Ton 05 Nos.
e) Fly Press – Capacity 0.1 Ton to 0.6 Ton 10 Nos.

03. Welding Machines

a) CO2 Welding Machines 03 No.
b) Spot Welding Machines 04 No.
c) Projection type Nut Welding Machine 01 Nos.

04. Tool Room Machines

a) Wire Cut Machine 01 No.
b) Milling Machine 01 No.
c) Surface Grinder Machine 04 No.
d) Centre Lathe 01 Nos.
e) Hack Saw Machine 01 Nos.

05. Heat Treatment Facility

a) Electric Furnace 02 No.

06. General Machines

a) Drill Machines – Capacity Upto 17mm 15 No.
b) Tapping Machines – Capacity Upto M6 12 No.
c) Compressor 05 Nos.
d) Vibrofinishing Machine 03 Nos.
e) Decoilers 01 Nos.
f) Sandering Machine 08 Nos.